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e-mail prefix@Sayrevillek12.net


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Math (Below)

Teacher Name E-mail Prefix  
Victoria Alexander victoria.alexander
Robert Babst robert.babst 
Eric Boehm eric.boehm
Ann Bomberger ann.bomberger
Susan Bythell susan.bythell
Darci Carnevale darci.carnevale
Mary Cavallaro mary.cavallaro
Ashley Connors ashley.connors
Ryan Donegan ryan.donegan
Sarah Dovidauskas sarah.dovidauskas
Marybeth Drabik marybeth.drabik
Keith Dubil keith.dubil
Kulsum Farooqui kulsum.farooqui
Diane Firetto diane.firetto
Lauren Hobson lauren.hobson
Shannon Johnson shannon.johnson
Kerry Kilbride kerry.kilbride
Deborah Mages deborah.mages
Lori McDermott lori.mcdermott
Eileen Truchan eileen.truchan
Stephanie Woods stephanie.woods
Tara Currie tara.currie
Timothy Desmond timothy.desmond
Laura Knaster laura.knaster
Kimberly Lawson kimberly.lawson
Arthur Longo arthur.longo
Kim Marsh kim.marsh
Diane McCarthy diane.mccarthy
Michele Morgan michele.morgan
Jane Pavon jane.pavon
Susan Piasecki susan.piasecki
Nicole Troisi nicole.troisi
Language Arts
Lori Belotti lori.belotti
Jason Brown jason.brown
Mary Cinalli mary.cinalli
RoseMarieGriggs rosemarie.griggs
Elizabeth Haag elizabeth.haag
Sara Krainski sara.krainski
Sandra McAnneny sandra.mcanneny
Kaitlyn Miller kaitlyn.miller
Joseph O’Donnell joseph.odonnell
Lisa Pawelek lisa.pawelek
Jason Price jason.price
Michael Provenza michael.provenza
Christina Quintas christina.quintas
Jamie Redmond jamie.redmond
Claire Simpers claire.simpers
Heidi Stravalacci heidi.stravalacci
Christine Testa christine.testa
Barbara Warren barbara.warren
Michael Weinert michael.weinert
Kathy Whiteley kathy.whiteley
Kirsten Wrightson kirsten.wrightson
Bradley Alexander bradley.alexander
Anne Bandola anne.bandola
Karl Boehringer karl.boehringer
Kevin Bloom kevin.bloom
Pamela Chartock pamela.chartock
Claire Craft claire.craft
Margaret Fallon margaret.fallon
Justin Hornlein justin.hornlein
Kathleen Mazur kathleen.mazur
Thomas Mullins thomas.mullins
Steven Tyska steven.tyska
Special Education
Darci Carnevale darci.carnevale
Allison Cella allison.cella
Melissa Ciampa melissa.ciampa
Marie Conway marie.conway
Michelle Crea michelle.crea
Meghan Daley meghan.daley
Nicole Del Popolo nicole.delpopolo
Marie Early marie.early
Caileigh Giovenco caileigh.giovenco
Debra Golder debra.golder
Maryann Gordon maryann.gordon
Sara Krainski sara.krainski
Nicole Lynch nicole.lynch
Julie Leber julie.leber
Nicole Lilley nicole.lilley
Lynn Mayer lynn.mayer
Diane McCarthy diane.mccarthy
Laura Minnuies laura.minnuies
Melissa Novak melissa.novak
Lisa Pawelek lisa.pawelek
Rosie Picazio afrouz.picazio
Daniel Poulsen daniel.poulsen
Dominic Provenza dominic.provenza
Donna Simicich donna.simicich
Kathleen Vernados-James kathleen.james
Stacy Vetter stacy.vetter
Merritt Wildrick merritt.wildrick
Joan Younger joan.younger
Physical Education
Robert Arvanites robert.arvanites
Brianna Beloncik brianne.beloncik
Cheryl Bodak cheryl.bodak
Neal Esposito neal.esposito
Amy Gioia amy.gioia
Anthony Martucci anthony.martucci
Joseph Slavik joseph.slavik
Lynn Clark Taylor lynn.taylor
James Zolla james.zolla
Tiffany Tarr tiffany.tarr
Dramatic Arts
Ronald Mancini ron.mancini
Joyce Campbell joyce.campbell
Marie Malara marie.malara
Patsy Palma patsy.palma
Dorothy Ruiz dorothy.ruiz
Computer Education
Kim Mueller kimberly.mueller
Melanie Faulkner melanie.faulkner
Multi-Cultural Education
Pamela Chartock pamela.chartock
Thomas Mullins thomas.mullins
Krystle Erickson krystle.erickson
Alfredo Feliciano alfredo.feliciano
Ingrid Hernandez ingrid.hernandez
Tom Pulido arnaldo(tom).pulido
Katie Llera katie.llera
Jessica Yurecsko jessica.yurecsko
Mikki Fischer mikki.fischer
Kashyapi Shah kashyapi.shah
Stacey Vetter stacey.vetter
Jennifer McGough jennifer.mcgough

Study Skills

Kim Davey kimberly.davey

 Skills for Success

David Vogel david.vogel
  Achievement Program
Tara Cleary tara.cleary
David Fischer david.fischer
Jarrett Lampkin jarrett.lampkin